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    PatrolEyes HD Elite Infrared
    The PatrolEyes HD Elite is the most advanced body worn camera built specifically for law
    enforcement. The PatrolEyes HD Elite features super HD recording that can automatically
    switch to day or infrared night vision mode to capture everything.
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    All New
    PatrolEyes HD 1080P GPS
    The PatrolEyes GPS auto infrared HD police body camera is here! The SC-DV5 is a body worn,
    high-definition video recorder for law enforcement with true HD 1080p recording.
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    PatrolEyes delivers superior quality

    the longest battery life

    and the most features at half the cost!

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    PatrolEyes Mini Infrared
    This camera offers full HD 1080p resolution video at 30fps! The SC-IRM is about the size of
    a AA battery and comes in a heavy duty metal alloy shell.

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PatrolEyes HD Body Camera

The worlds first HD wide angle infrared police body camera is here!

The PatrolEyes HD Body Camera by StuntCams is a body worn, high-definition, video recorder for law enforcement with true HD 1080p recording. With its 140 degree wide angle lens or 170 degree in 480p mode and 16GB or 32GB of storage, it can capture hours of footage.

With the press of a single button, recording can start even when the camera is turned off. The built in LCD allows you to review videos, photos or audio recordings in the field. The PatrolEyes HD has 3 indicators (vibration, LED light and sound) to confirm start/stop of recordings and has a built in watermarks that cannot be tampered with.

...the most features at half the cost...

1080P 16MP Camera Night Vision 8 Hour Battery

What departments are saying about the PatrolEyes HD

After testing the Patroleyes HD camera we found it takes excellent quality video as well as audio. We utilize the camera for a number of applications from inspections to suspect encounters and it has performed perfectly.

Dave Padula - Fire Marshal - Guadalupe County

What an outstanding piece of equipment, my officers are so impressed with the cam they don’t want to turn it over to each other. The cam is just perfect for their traffic stops and other calls they respond to. I am currently talking to the mayor about purchasing more.

Mike Contant - Chief of Police, Mitchell NE

A new hire was brought on to the department, who had his own personal PatrolEyes body camera. I was extremely impressed with the functions and capabilities of the PatrolEyes body cam. While already being in the market for a quality body camera, I immediately went to my Mayor and Council to present the PatrolEyes HD. They recently approved the funding for the purchase. Thanks.

Chief Derick Coleman - Eutaw Police Department

Eunice Police Department went with the PatrolEyes camera because of the easy operations. We liked the aspect that the camera vibrates when activated and also displays a red light when recording. The camera allows officers to keep their eyes on the suspect and know that the camera is recording. The infrared option is fantastic. The ability to take photos is another valuable option. Thank you.

Sergeant Charles Dudley - Eunice Police Department

featured accessories

PatrolEyes HD Police Data Transfer Charger Docking Station

PatrolEyes HD Police Data Transfer Charger Docking Station


PatrolEyes HD Management Software

Management Software


Covert Button 480 Res Camera for PatrolEyes HD

Covert Button 480 Res Camera for PatrolEyes HD


PatrolEyes HD Suction Cup Mount

PatrolEyes HD Suction Cup Mount


Comparison Chart

PatrolEyesDV1-2DV1-XLDV5-2DV6 EliteDV7 UltraDV10 Wifi
Video Resolution1296p1080p1080p1080p1296p1296p
Night VisionManualManualAutoAutoAutoAuto
Camera Resolution33MP16MP33MP23MP32MP32MP
ChipsetAmbarella A7Ambarella A2Ambarella A7Ambarella A7Ambarella A7AIT A7I
Battery Life8 hours13 hours6 hours6 hours8 hours 10 hours
Removable BatteryNoNoYesYesNoNo
Charging DockNoNoYesYes (+data)Yes (+data)Yes + data
Charge Time150 minutes150 minutes200 minutes200 minutes250 minutes180 minutes
Storage Max64GB32GB64GB*64GB64GB64GB
Pre/post event recordingYesYesYesYesYesYes
One touch recordingYesYesYesYesYesYes
Motion DetectionYesNoYesYesYesYes
GPSOptional adapterOptional adapterYesYesYes (optional)*Yes
WiFiNoNoYes (optional)*Yes (optional)*NoYes
Loop RecordingYesYesYesYes
(optional firmware)
(optional firmware)
(optional firmware)
Password ProtectionYesNoYesYesYesYes
Weather ResistanceIP57IP57IP57IP67IP68IP67
External Camera SupportYesYesYesYesYes (optional)*Yes
USBYes (mini-B)Yes (mini-B)Yes (mini-B)Yes (mini-B)Yes (mini-B)No
HDMIYes (mini)Yes (mini)Yes (mini)Yes (mini)NoNo
AVYes (in/out)Yes (in/out)NoNoNoNo
Extension portYes (PTT/GPS)Yes (PTT/GPS)Yes (PTT)Yes (PTT)Yes (PTT)No
SD CardNoYes (micro)NoNoNoNo
LCD screenYesYesYesYesYesNo
Weight (ounces)6.177.305.755.574.523.70
Dimensions (inches)3.70x2.40x1.223.70x2.40x1.303.31x2.40x1.223.27x2.24x1.263.03x2.20x1.103.03x2.20x0.87
Warranty1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year
Video Storage
1080P @ 30fps1 hour = 5GB1 hour = 5GB1 hour = 5GB1 hour = 5GB1 hour = 3GB1 Hour = 4.3GB
720P @ 30fps1 hour = 3.6GB1 hour = 3.6GB1 hour = 3.6GB1 hour = 3.6GB1 hour = 1.6GB1 Hour = 3.7GB
480P @30/60fps1 hour = 2.1GB1 hour = 2.1GB1 hour = 2.1GB1 hour = 2.1GB1 hour = 1.1GB1 Hour = 2.3GB
* special order only